When your manufacturing process requires that you need to determine the concentration of liquids as a part of your running process, LiquiSonic is the analytical system that can provide that without delay. Using a high-precision measurement of the process temperature and the absolute sonic velocity, LiquiSonic calculates and measures the concentrations. LiquiSonic is available through the professionals at Applied Engineering.

 LiquiSonic uses high advanced sonic velocity and temperature measurement technology combined in a unique sensor design that allows control and monitoring of concentrations at differing points in a process such as brewing or beverage production.

 The system generally consists of one more intelligent sensors and a controller connected to each other by a digital line. LiquiSonic not only ensures precise measuring results, but it also enables convenient operation of the device being monitored. LiquiSonic ensures a highly accurate and fail-safe measurement of the absolute sonic velocity. LiquiSonic is easy to install and entirely maintenance free.

When a company turns to LiquiSonic, they can expect the following benefits:

  • Plant operations can be controlled online
  • Efficiency will be maximized
  • Product quality will be increased
  • Labor costs will be reduced
  • Failures in the system are more quickly detected
  • Irruptions in the process water or liquid are more easily detected
  • Results are easily measured

 In the food and beverage industry the LiquiSonic measuring technology enables the user to monitor product quality on a continual basis, as well as to increase the yield and decrease the use of raw materials and energy.

Using the LiquiSonic system, food and beverage producers can monitor evaporation in products such as wort, whey or cream cheese. The system can also be used to extract coffee, tea and herbs from their raw sources.

Another use for the LiquiSonic system is the blending or mixing of beers, mixed drinks, soft drinks or juices.

In the brewing process, the specific sensor design of LiquiSonic can keep sedimentation at a very low level. The advantages include savings with no maintenance, savings of the rinse and cleaning cycles, and savings in energy consumption. Plus, with LiquiSonic you have a constant duration and rate during the boiling process.

Advantages in the brewing process include the integrated and automatic beer flow detection which measures the original gravity. An accurate measuring is guaranteed even at a low flow rate or when there are breaks in the process. Having the availability of four sensors with one controller means lower investment and lower labor costs.

But it’s not only breweries who can take advantage of the LiquiSonic process. If you manage a dairy the system can be used for milk standardization, cream cheese production, and concentration of whey, lactose crystallization and cleaning.

LiquiSonic can monitor the dry matter content in cream and skimmed milk and accurately detect both production streams. In the production of cream cheese, the system will accurately adjust the fat content in the dry matter by adding the appropriate amount of cream.

These are just a few examples of the many uses of LiquiSonic. The professionals Applied Engineering are available to give you a full overview of all that the product can do and to help you determine if LiquiSonic is right for your business.

Applied Engineering works closely with you to develop innovative solutions for your measurement challenges and individual system requirements. The growing complexity of application-specific requirements means it is essential to have an understanding of the relationships and interactions involved. You can rest assured that the professionals at Applied Engineering have that understanding and are committed to working with your company to produce positive results.

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