If your manufacturing process requires the use or measurement of sulfuric acid, it is crucial that you determine the concentration as a part of your running process. The LiquiSonic analytical system, available to you through Applied Engineering, can provide just the measurements you need. Through high-precision measurement of the process temperature and absolute sonic velocity, LiquiSonic calculates and measures the concentrations of sulfuric acid.

 LiquiSonic can be applied for the measurement of concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum in the following industries:

  • Production of sulfuric acid and oleum
  • Drying synthesis gas in the chemical and petroleum industry
  • Etching and pickling agents in the steel industry
  • Processing ore in the mining industry
  • Measuring raw materials for sulphate fertilizers
  • And measuring the basic chemicals for various chemical products

 Sulfuric acid is used in many ways in the manufacturing process. LiquiSonic generates a clear signal in the concentration range of sulfuric acid and at any time can provide reliable process information.

 Because concentration-dependent parameters such as sonic velocity, density or conductivity are strongly temperature-dependent, LiquiSonic is equipped with a static and dynamic temperature concentration, something that is not always found in other analyzers.

  •  OIeum is produced by dissolving sulfuric acid and is sometimes referred to as fuming sulfuric acid or disulfuric acid. It is used in the following applications:
  •  Setting up of highly concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Production of caprolactam and nylon
  • Nitration processes in combination with nitric acid.

 The LiquiSonic analyzer can perform an inline monitoring of oleum to allow for ultimate control.

 The concentration of sulfuric acid can be adjusted by mixing it with oleum. LiquiSonic can provide the continuous inline monitoring of that concentration. Because oleum contains a potential hazard, LiquiSonic’s warning signals alert the process control system should there be a problem.

 The LiquiSonic system has one or more sensors and a controller, allowing for monitoring from multiple locations or products, while being controlled from one location. The controller is a highly sensitive device with up to four sensors. These sensors can work independently in four different applications. The controller includes both a data log and an event log to document the process reports with ease.

 The professionals at Applied Engineering want to work closely with you to find the right products and solutions for your manufacturing needs. They have an understanding of the necessary relationships of their products with your manufacturing process and can help you determine if LiquiSonic is the product to meet your manufacturing and measuring requirements.

 Applied Engineering provides measurement and control solutions for a wide array of markets and offers businesses and individuals the best in class products from leading suppliers in the industry. They can provide solutions to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, power industries as well as makers of packaging equipment and machine tools.