Applied Engineering is please to present the Gefran TPFAS Series, which is a fluid-free pressure transmitter, with a miniature flush diaphragm and a wide measurement range of 0-25 bar to 0-600 bar.

The flush diaphragm is needed for measurument of pressure of high-viscosity and even abrasive fluids, due to clogging and failure of a normal transmitter that has a traditional retracted diaphragm and threading with a through-hole.

With the bonded strain gauge on stainless steel, and a thick, fluid-free stainless steel diaphragm, the TPFAS Series is robust and resistant, perfect for measuring pressure of high-viscosity and abrasive fluids, including; resin, silicone, polyurethane, glue, rubber, cement, concrete, pastes, mixes, etc.

The TPFAS’s strongest advantage is a miniature diaphragm, (available in two sizes - Ø10.9 mm with G ¼” or Ø8.6 mm with M10x1 threaded connection), for easy installation even in small spaces.

With a Ø8.6 mm diaphragm and M10x1 threaded connection, it is the smallest of its kind in the market, very unique within the market! The TPFAS series is available with the Digital Autozero option, which is activated via a magnetic pen. The Digital Autozero option makes the Gefran TPFAS Series versatile and efficient, ideal for all industrial applications on mix/meter/dispense machines for resin and polyurethane, glue and adhesive machines, rubber processing machines, cement and concrete mixer pumps, etc.

Gefran’s product line is extensive.  Contact an expert at Applied Engineering for assistance if you don’t see the configuration and options you need.  We are available at 804-378-3550.