Fairchild Industrial Products New Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

Fairchild T9000 Series Pressure Controller

The Fairchild T9000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller regulates outlet pressure with a closed-loop, integrated, microprocessor control system. The T9000 controls pressure, in proportion to an analog electrical input signal. The internal feedback sensor monitors output pressure for high accuracy. Use the keypad or an analog control signal to control the output from the Model T9000, this control is available from the keypad or a DeviceNet™ Communication network. With integral booster sections the T9000 series of I/P pressure controllers provides high accuracy, specifically at flow capacities of 1 SCFM in the T9000, 90 SCFM in the T9020, 110 SCFM in the T9040, 220 SCFM in the T9060, and 700 SCFM in the T9080.


 Fairchild TD8600 P/I Pressure Transmitter

The Fairchild TD8600 P/I Pressure Transmitter is for your pressure control needs, assuring the Fairchild high quality manufacturing that the industry depends on. A new P/I pressure transmitter that is rugged with accurate pressure measurement. The Fairchild TD8600 uses piezo and thin film technology for a robust yet affordable solution designed for small and hard-to-access areas.

Rotork Fairchild Low Emission TXI7850 I/P

The Rotork Fairchild New Explosion Proof TXI7850 Low Emission I/P Pressure Transducer is the standard TXI7850 with added capability of detecting fugitive emissions of natural gas. Designed to meet and exceed strict emission and carbon reduction restrictions, with natural gas. The sturdy Low Emission TXI7850 is designed to withstand vibration, shock and moisture resistance, with output pressures up to 0-30 psi [0-2.0 BAR], (0-200 kPa). Fully compliant with FM, CSA and ATEX certifications.

Fairchild T6100 Lock In Place I/P Transducer

The Fairchild T6100 Lock In Place I/P Transducer is a high quality and reliable instrument with a "Lock in Last Position" I/P transducer. The Fairchild T6100 has proven actuation means, combined with a patented locking technology that provides solutions in challenging applications.

Fairchild’s product line is extensive. Contact an expert at Applied Engineering for assistance if you don’t see the configuration and options you need. We are available at 804-378-3550.

As a company, Fairchild Industrial Products has maintained a reputation for over 50 years as the manufacturer of high-quality, precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls. They offer one of the largest arrays of control devices available for a number of robotic, process, OEM and machine tool applications.