The Gefran ADV200-LC is the new line of liquid-cooled inverters, from Gefran, for applications requiring: robustness, long life and high reliability. The liquid cooling of electrical and mechanical units will reduce the size of your electric drive section.

The Gefran ADV200-LC is the best motion control solution, for plastic processing applications and extrusion and injection presses.

The Gefran ADV200 LC uses an innovative cooling system, that will dissipates heat with water, or water/glycol, or oil. Excellent corrosion protection is provided by aluminum cooling pipes and internal separation of electronics and water cooling. An internal sensor measures humidity levels to prevent condensation.

The Gefran ADV200-LC accompanies the air-cooled ADV200 line and integrates easily in existing systems.

The Gefran ADV200-LC controls asynchronous and synchronous motors (with or without encoder), and is available in a range of motor powers (from 30 kW to 1.2 MW) in five mechanical sizes. Compact compared to air-cooled inverters, this takes up less space in an electrical panel. With sizes up to 55 kW, braking resistance is mounted directly on the heatsink, reducing the size of the electrical panel further.

The Gefran ADV200-LC is simply and reliably installed, with a revolutionary system, mounting the drive both inside the electrical panel and with external heatsink.

Many important features include:

  • Control, operation and programming is identical to the ADV200 air-cooled series (with use of available options)
  • Built-in temp control function controls an external electrovalve for liquid-cooled drive and motor
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off conforming to the Machine Safety Directive (standards SIL3 and PL “d”)
  • Standard EMC filter for the series and integrated input choke inductance up to 200Kw, reducing wiring costs and increase space in the electrical panel.