Sensotech featured in Dairy Foods Magazine

Dairy Foods Magazine has featured a case study of Royal FrieslandCampina uses inline analyzers in whey processing to identity the concentration of substances, “How inline monitoring of whey processing helps a Dutch dairy processor”



Royal FrieslandCampina, a Dutch dairy company is using inline measurement technology. They are a a manufacturer of dairy products, baby foods and functional dairy ingredients around the world.

 They decided to optimize whey processing operations with the Sensotech LiquiSonic analyzer from SensoTech. A two-month test were so convincing that the dairy has equipped other plants with the technology, with over 10 systems in use at FrieslandCampina.

 Whey is a by-product of cheesemaking, dried or used to produce lactose. Extraction of the whey components serves the manufacturing of semi-finished products for the food pharmaceutical sector.

In-line analyzer measures the dry matter content during the whey evaporation at temperatures up to 185F. A manager explains: "We've installed a sensor in the transport line before the evaporator in order to determine the initial concentration. Another sensor is located at the outlet of the evaporator to control the dry matter content and to pointedly stop the evaporation process. This way, we improve the yield of the whey and save energy, because we need less process steam."

 The in-line analyzer is used to monitor the lactose precipitation, protein mother liquor separation and purification processes. With the rinsing processes needs quick and accurate phase detection to differentiate between whey and the cleaning liquids hydroxide and nitric acid in the tank and pipes. An exact liquid detection is import for a quality-assured food production. With whey is in the pipes and the tank, the factory uses the sensors in various process stages, such as evaporation or filling.

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