Gefran Sensors for Process Control

The fundamental component for process control, the Gefran sensors measure critical variables, such as: temperature, pressure, position and force. Importantly, the main element of the sensors is produced in cleanrooms, in environments protected from any kind of pollutant and equipped with highly technological work and control instruments.

 Gefran offers a complete range of sensors for every need, able to measure all principal physical quantities. 9 Gefran sensor product categories include:

 #1 - Position transducers: magnetostrictives

-Profile design: A comprehensive range of models with aluminum profile to provide the most appropriate model for every need both for the performance level and for the type of interface, selectable between analog, digital and fieldbus models

 -Rod design: A wide choice of rod-style models for installation in hydraulic cylinders. Several models and options allow the choice of various levels of performance as well as the possibility of adopting solutions with threaded head or with flanged head for a complete insertion inside the cylinder

 -Accessories: All accessories available for the proper installation of magnetostrictive transducers. To be selected separately from the sensor.


#2 - Position transducers: potentiometers

Linear and angular displacement transducers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts.


Gefran Potentiometers categories include:

  • Long stroke
  • Short stroke
  • Magnetic drag
  • Exposed tracks
  • Rotaries
  • Encoders
  • Signal conditioners



#3 – Gefran Melt pressure sensors

Gefran Melt pressure sensors are designed to satisfy every need in plastics processing.
Gefran is able to provide to its customers different Melt pressure transducers for different applications at high process temperatures, up to 540°C. Gefran Melt pressure sensors include:

  • Fluid free (I Series) IMPACT
  • Oil-filled (W Series)
  • Sodium-Potassium (NaK) filled (K Series)
  • Mercury filled (M Series)
  • Melt pressure control systems
  • Accessories


#4 – Pressure sensors

Gefran industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure fluid, liquid, or gas pressure in all industrial applications, including:

  • Flush diaphragm: suitable for high density and aggressive media
  • Standard diaphragm: suitable for standard density media
  • Accessories


# 5 - Load cells and force transducers


TR series force transducers are used to measure the tension that plastic films or tapes exert on the guide rollers of the machinery used to coil them. Gefran Load cells and force transducers include:


  • Compression
  • Traction / Compression
  • Shear
  • Deflection
  • Amplifiers

 #6 Temperature sensors: Resistance thermometers


Gefran Resistance thermometers include:

  • Terminal block / connector / melt
  • Cable output: PVC, GSC, GCS-SCH, TEF, TTS
  • Head: Mignon, DIN J, DIN B, DIN BUS, CEAA, Atex
  • Accessories


# 7 - Temperature sensors: Thermocouples


Gefran Thermocouples include:

  • Terminal block / connector / melt
  • Cable output: PVC, GSC, GCS-SCH, TEF, TTS
  • Head: Mignon, DIN J, DIN B, DIN BUS, CEAA, Atex
  • Accessories


 #8 – Gefran Strain and force sensors with Sensormate technology


The Injection molding machines are one of the main markets for Gefran sensors and, thanks to the technological superiority acquired with Sensormate products, the Group has gained a unique competitive advantage in its offer for the press market, characterized by a growing demand for electric drive machines, for which this type of sensor is essential.

 Gefran Sensormate strain sensors and load cells complete the Gefran sensor line, monitoring signals for management and control of tie bar strain, mold protection, and injection pressure on electric, hybrid, and hydraulic presses.

 Gefran Strain and force sensors with Sensormate technology include:

  • Continuous measurement sensors
  • Temporary measurement sensors
  • Amplifer
  • Monitors