SensoTech Concentration and Density Analyzer

SensoTech Ultrasonic Liquid Density Sensor


Sensotech LiquiSonic® is a non-contact concentration and density sensor that acts independent of the process liquid’s conductivity, transparency and color – and is stable as well as precise. State-of-the-art configuration software and a wide variety of useful accessories are part of the LiquiSonic® product range.

State-of-the-art configuration software and a broad range of useful accessories are part of our product range.

LiquiSonic® 30 accommodates up to four sensors with one controller. Connected digitally, the devices guarantee high, drift-free measurement accuracy and interference-free data transfer at distances of up to 1000 m (3280 ft). They can deal with extreme process conditions: temperatures between -100 °C (-150 °F) and +200 °C (375 °F), process pressures of a few mbar to 500 bar (7000 PSI), etc. Learn more about other advantages of of choosing this liquid concentration analyzer for your company’s needs

The Measuring Principle

The sonic velocity of a liquid depends on the concentration of individual components. In order to determine the sonic velocity, a sonic pulse is sent through the liquid and the time of flight between the transmitter and detector is measured. The sonic velocity can be calculated, because the distance between the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver is constant.

The relation between sonic velocity, temperature and concentration is different in each liquid and is known for thousands of liquids. (If not known, the relationship can easily be determined.) The resulting product datasets are stored in the LiquiSonic® controller and are used for the calculation of the correct concentration. If desired, the customer can adjust the measuring results to its own reference values via the controller.

The System

LiquiSonic® consists of a controller and one or more sensors that can be utilized depending on your needs. Each sensor offers an actual ultrasonic measuring path and highly precise temperature detection. A full array of wetted materials and process connections are available. The sensors are connected digitally to the controller which enables a fail-safe data exchange. The controller calculates and provides the liquid’s concentration via a TFT color display which includes an operator interface with membrane keyboard. Standard 4-20 mA output, as well as an onboard Web server and fieldbus outputs, are available.

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